Let me start this post by saying you must listen to this audio. Bill Heine from BBC Radio Oxford interviews Richard Dawkins on October 20th, 2008. The original discourse covers a recent Sony video game fiasco in which Sony has recalled a game for having Qur'anic phrases in the background music. The show then invites a Muslim on to share the beliefs of Muslims with regards to this type of mockery.

Here is a quote towards the end of the call-in:

Politicians is a human. If you think your politician, like Tony Blair or Jesus, [are the same]. That is, you don't understand. You are talking about the people who are in the land just like you and me. Our prophet and Allah, they are completely different. Our holy book is completely different. God made us come to the world. We should respect Allah. We should respect his holy book. And that is my strong word coming to you. I think your thinking is very narrow. You are thinking politicians like Tony Blair or George Bush, that you can joke about them like you joke about Islam. I think you haven't got knowledge enough. You should go to have some more study and then come back on the telephone to talk to me.


Interviewer: Do you think you are overreacting?
No I am not. I am just telling you what any Muslim will say that. Go have a survey on any Muslim. No one will accept that you make a mickey [sic] about Qur'an and holy prophet and Islam. Nobody, nobody, nobody.

But wait... it gets better. A nut comes on and starts blaming Darwinism for the holocaust and arguing that morality requires religion. This is probably the best interview with Richard Dawkins I've ever heard.

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